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Common Pricing Questions:

We Offer U.S. Only Text Message Marketing

1) How many messages do I need per month?

Multiply the Number of Contacts by
The number of times you plan on texting your list in the month.

For Example, 250 Contacts x 4 Times per Month = 1000 Messages.

2) How much do extra messages cost?

You can upgrade your package at anytime or you can purchase “rollover messages”. Additionally purchased messages do not expire if account is active.
500 msgs @ .04/msg.
1000 msgs @ .04/msg.
2500 msgs @ .04/msg.
5000 msgs @ .03/msg.
10000 msgs @ .025/msg.
20000 msgs @ .02/msg.
50000 msgs @ .015/msg.
100000 msgs @ .0125/msg.

3) How much do additional keywords cost?

ALL Plans Include ONE Custom Keyword. Additional keywords cost:
Standard Short Code (77948): $10 setup and $2/month.
Premium Short Code (21000): $20 setup and $7/month.
*Setup fee includes first month.

4) Do you sell lists of numbers?

NO! This practice is prohibited by carriers and by federal law. All contacts either opt-in by texting your keyword to the short code or by giving you consent.