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Why Choose Text Message Marketing ? Email Marketing SUCKS compared to SMS MARKETING! SMS Marketing is the freshest, on demand way to market special offers and discounts to your current and future customers. For years upon years, business owners have been using email marketing programs such as aWeber to capture customers information and market deals to every week. Email marketing works well, but does not work as well as it once did long ago. Less and less people are checking their email and even less are opening emails. How to Manage Text Message Marketing? Text message marketing is a way to immediately market special information and super deals to your customers. When you sign up for the SMS provider below, you will receive a ‘shortcode’ such as ’54545′ and a special keyword of your choice. You can manage your list and send mass texts with one click within the ... [Readmore]


SMS Autoresponder, Text Messaging Advertising service
  With several hundred subscribers, we rely heaving on TXT180 to spread info about our events, changes, and updates. The services are MUCH easier to use than we could have ever expected, at the cheapest rate out on the market! We ...