Consumers love quick, easy marketing

There is probably not a day that goes by without you sending and/or receiving a text message on your mobile device. The convenience of this communication tool is simply awesome.


With just a few short characters, text messages are a great way to communicate instantly and affordably. In fact, businesses can easily reach out to hundreds of their customers by simply pressing the “send” button.


This will greatly assist in growing the relationship that exists between your business, customers and prospects. The best part about communicating with your audience via text messages is that you will offer them a reliable and efficient platform on which they can easily stay connected with you.


Most mobile phone users are already accustomed to – or partly addicted to -sending messages. So, essentially, you will be taking advantage of an existing communication channel that is already popular with most people.


Consumers have no time to answer phone calls from businesses that end up giving them long sales speeches; they want sales strategies that are less invasive and straight to the point; methods that do not eat up their personal time.


Generally speaking, most people would rather receive a text message from a business they are associated with informing them about a new product, service, offer or promotion rather than being “cold-pitched” via traditional methods such as calling.


So with a text message marketing campaign, you are giving your customers exactly what they want and need when it comes to associating with your business.