People like to text more than talk on their mobile phones

There are many reasons as to why text message marketing is one of the fastest-growing forms of technology today. To start with, we are in an era where people are more inclined to “typing” as opposed to “talking.”

In short, this means that most people would rather send or receive a text message than spend a few minutes talking on the phone. So, when you want to reach out to your customers and prospects, do you think it’s important to identify with their likes and dislikes?

Of course it is…

So since most of your customers would probably prefer text messages over calls, make text message marketing work to your advantage.

Affordable and easy to send, text messages are short and straight to the point, which is appealing to most consumers.

Other types of communication and marketing are much more expensive when compared to text messages. This is why more and more local business owners are doing less of those methods and incorporating text messages into their marketing plans.

Remember the days when reaching your customers involved calling hundreds of people and giving the same sales speech over and over again?

Those days are over for many different reasons; one being the invention of a powerful communication tool such as text messaging. Text marketing reduces costs and gives consumers what they are looking for in a short message that hits the nail right on the head.