Text message marketing – Are your competitors stealing your customers

Business is all about competition – and the bottom line is whoever has the most customers wins. If you have not yet started using text message marketing, then your competitors will beat you in the fight for local customers hands down.


Text message marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods available today that can help you gain new customers and retain existing ones. Your competitors will, therefore, be miles ahead of you in business if they are using text messages to communicate with their customers and you are not.


The worst scenario in this situation is when your competitors actually get more new customers than you and go to the extra mile of stealing yours. This is possible because some consumers are interested in businesses that will keep them up to date on changes in the business such as promotions, price reductions, new arrivals, and others.


No damage is done when your customers shop at your competitors’ stores every once in a while, but with text message marketing, it is very easy for your competitors to convert your customers to their own loyal customers.


This means that you could lose a good number of customers that were contributing to the success of your business at one time.  This can easily be avoided by making sure you use similar strategies, but do them better if possible.


Doing so is as simple as creating a list and making sure it is growing every day. The larger your subscriber audience, the better your sales will be in the long-run.


If you want to keep your customers around, do everything you can to out-do your competitors in terms of marketing.