Text Message Marketing is POWERFUL when combined with other forms of marketing

It’s true that we live in a highly modernized, digitalized world, but all hope is not lost for conventional methods of marketing. TV ads, radio ads, yellow pages, newspapers, magazines and many others can still be useful when you are marketing your business.


However, these methods will only be used to their full potential if you incorporate them with some of today’s modern marketing strategies. When you fuse text message marketing with some of these methods, the results can be astonishing.


You can easily get the best out of both worlds by utilizing conventional marketing methods to ask your target audience to opt-in to your mobile list.


Now, you are improving the effectiveness of the conventional methods, which are losing ground when used all on their own. Combining text message marketing with these methods will help you grow your mobile marketing list, while phasing out some of the less effective strategies you’re currently using.


To build your mobile list using conventional advertising methods, simply include your SMS code in your ads and include a call to action that tells consumers to send you a text – usually in exchange for something of value.


So as you can see, traditional marketing methods are not totally obsolete; they can still manage to assist your local business in achieving set goals when combined with new-age marketing techniques.