Top 5 Benefits of QR Codes

QR codes are “barcodes” that can be read by any digital imaging device, such as a camera on a smartphone. They were originally developed in the automotive industry by Toyota in order to easily track car components.

However, as cameras have become a standard component in most mobile phones, the advantage of these codes in other areas has become apparent.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using QR codes for your business:

  1. QR Codes Are Versatile

These codes can be used to store information that is only visible once the code is scanned by a mobile phone or similar digital imaging device; the shapes are then decoded into data.

QR codes can be used to direct users to a web page, to display information, to provide directions, or to even make payments. They have proven to be excellent marketing tools by playing into the curiosity of consumers.

  1. QR Codes Are Powerful Marketing Tools

Consumers can scan the QR codes that they see on advertisements. Then, they can be directed straight to the desired destination on their phones immediately – while the advertisement is still fresh in their minds.

  1. Sell Your Products Directly

QR codes allow you to send mobile users directly to a page where they can purchase your products. This makes them extremely useful in selling merchandise to a demographic that may not have found your product while at home or on their personal desktop computer.

  1. QR Codes Are Gaining Popularity

As with any other form of technology, it is possible that QR codes will be short-lived. However, this is very unlikely, as developments are still in their infancy. With so many possibilities for using QR codes to connect businesses to consumers, QR codes are expected to stand the test of time.

  1. QR Codes Can Be Scaled Up

QR codes have been used on rail tickets in China since 2010; however, they are becoming more popular for advertising and marketing. If your business is using “printed marketing methods,” a QR code can be added to those materials and scaled up as much as you want.

Not only will this boost your visibility, but this emerging form of technology will also improve the effectiveness of your printed marketing materials.